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Our Program

Alacrity Turkey invests in technology start-ups.  We also invest in people, partnerships and relationships.  We base all our investments around the following principles:


We invest in companies based in Turkey

Investment Stage

We invest in ideas, seed rounds and early-stage companies with high growth potential

Investment Size

We invest an average of $1M in our successful start-ups


We support successful start-ups for a period of three to five years

Technology focus areas for the investment fund include enterprise communications and business applications, mobile integration, cross-platform media and business intelligence applications.  We support the entrepreneurs with whom we work with the following hard and soft advantages.

a strong team

The Alacrity Turkey management and mentoring team has extensive international R&D, commercialization and entrepreneurship expertise, and we have adapted an investment model which was fine-tuned over 40 years by a very successful serial entrepreneur and his colleagues.

passionate young entrepreneurs

Partnerships with the best universities in Turkey help us recruit the brightest young entrepreneurs with the most innovative new ideas for our start-ups.  We provide these new grads with the funding, environment and guidance they require to see their ideas mature into viable, investable companies that leverage today’s and tomorrow’s technologies.

market problems, entrepreneurial solutions

Customer problem identification is central to developing high market-value products.  The Alacrity Turkey fund focuses on this market-driven demand to enable start-up growth and ongoing deal-flow.

established customer relationships and sales channels

One of the most significant issues with turning start-ups into success stories is commercializing the resulting products.  Alacrity Turkey start-ups gain early access to key customer engagement opportunities and strong sales channels for their potential products through our strategic partners.