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About Alacrity Turkey

a global partnership

Alacrity Turkey was formed through a partnership between Wesley Clover International, Netas and ZMT. Based in Ottawa, Canada, Wesley Clover is the investment management and holding company of Chairman and serial technology entrepreneur, Terry Matthews. The Alacrity global technology start-up ecosystem is an initiative of Wesley Clover. The proven fund model has been established in Canada, Wales UK, Lille France, Pune India, Mexico City Mexico and Istanbul Turkey. It is also being introduced to Singapore, and Shanghai China. The funds are at various stages of deployment, and further additions to the ecosystem are regularly being considered or planned.

a customized model

The word “alacrity” means brisk and cheerful readiness. This definition, the unique combination of resources behind it, and a shared vision to create significant local and global economic and social impact, propel Alacrity Turkey and the overall Alacrity ecosystem forward. Each regional fund is enabled to operate with the requisite degree of local autonomy, as determined by the local partners and Board of Directors. And while there is no legal connection between each of the funds in the ecosystem, and they may deploy similar or different programs, they are all key constituents of an environment that goes beyond lead investment to include access to experienced resources, extended portfolio products and intellectual property, lead customer opportunities, and global channel and partner introductions.

Alacrity Turkey combines all these assets to provide the start-up firms they work with a far better than average chance of local and international success.