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Top 5 apps any SaaS company needs to use to run their business

How the Cloud Could Affect Your Company

Innovation in the world of computing is constant. Each day, new ideas drive the development of apps, products, and services. This consistent progression, especially in…

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Market Research in the Age of Machine Learning

The boom in advertising during the Golden Age of Radio sparked a focus and investment into market research which has continued to thrive and expand…

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What are the world’s most digitally advanced countries?

Alacrity Global place large emphasis on staying on top of trends and monitoring our global ecosystem. This recent article by the World Economic Forum breaks…

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How AI enables you to target the right consumer at the right time

The proliferation of web-enabled devices we experience today enables us to be online all the time via multiple touch-points. Users no longer use a single…

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Digital Customer Acquisition

Digital customer acquisition is transforming the sales process.

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Information Security: Strategies and Stakeholders you should know in 2017

In 2016 the global tech sector saw no shortage of internet security threas and data breaches. There were DoS attacks on Twitter and Netflix, ‘Peace’…

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